WiFi Internet Facility

We help you stay connected with your friends and family

We are happy to provide high speed internet facility to community of our staff, students, and our guests. Campus network now has LOAD BALANCING AND FAILOVER configuration setup for redundant internet connectivity using multiple ISPs. 

Currently we have 2 Internet Connections having total internet speed of 200 Mb/s distributed to our users using ethernet switches, Wi-Fi access points at the various locations in the campus.

To use this facility we require you to register your new account by clicking on this link.

We have certain policies and guidelines to use this facility.

  • Expected speed on the network per user: 10 Mb/s (sufficient for video conferencing apps or streaming YouTube videos) in reality you may get higher speeds.

Using WiFi Access Points:

Expected number of users online using single wifi access point is around 15. More than these many users may cause the bandwidth traffic jam. So in such scenario please move to other location when it is critical for you to use the internet.

 Do not create personal HotSpot connection near campus access points- it may cause interference in signal frequencies of our access points.

Alpha Hall

WiFi access point at the Alpha Hall has capacity of serving upto 250 client devices.


Our Network is behind NAT and protected with firewall rules.

We are using Cisco-OpenDNS Family Shield DNS to protect our users from online bad websites. Cisco- OpenDNS FamilyShield protects your kids online, blocks adult websites, and protects your family from phishing and malware.