Introduction to Cross-Cultural Worship Ministry

November 2nd-20th 2015

University of the Nations Course #ATS/CHR 308


A unique seminar designed to champion cultural expressions of worship

based upon biblical values.

Students will learn to catalyze and contextualize praise and worship expressions based upon biblical values among people groups other than their own. Our training goes beyond translating songs of worship into other languages or celebrating a particular style of music. We aim to educate and raise awareness of other cultures, to value truth and beauty in expressions of praise and worship, and to learn to release other sounds of the nations as they worship God. In short, multiplying the heart of worship cross-culturally!

Please note: this is not a music seminar but will include music as a corporate expression of worship.

Seminar Content:

Kairos Course - intro to understanding and reaching world cultures. Facilitated by an international team. 9 sessions. More info:

Ethnodoxology - the study of praise among the people groups. Instruction from HeartSounds, Int'l team, ICE - International Council of Ethnodoxologists, and Scripture in Songs/NewSound

Cross-Cultural Expressions and Biblical Foundations - speakers from: India, First Nations USA, Asia, Latin America, and USA.

Practicum (post-seminar):

A 3 week supervised practicum is offered for an additional 3 credits. This can be implemented in any location and will be coached/evaluated by an established YWAM worship ministry leader.

University of the Nations course: ATS/CHR 308: This introductory course will give 3 credits for the seminar and a maximum of 3 credits for the supervised practicum. Successful completion of this course is a pre-requisite to the Associate of Arts degree in "Cross-Cultural Worship Ministry"


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