CNH 261
Introduction to Primary Health Care
A broad introduction to the biological and health sciences, equipping students to be primary health workers through both didactic and laboratory training. Students benefit from the expert instruction of practicing professionals, including physicians,  nurses,  physician  assistants,  dental  hygienists, social workers and health educators. Topics include: fundamentals  of  anatomy  and  physiology;  strategies  in  primary health care pertaining to issues such as immunization and six target  diseases,  malnutrition,  breast  feeding, management of dehydration in children, assessment and care of the sick child, and use of growth charts; practical clinical skills and basic field laboratory procedures.

Prerequisite: DSP 211 & 212
Credits: 12

CNH 262
Introduction to Primary Health Care
Field Assignment
Students travel to field sites in various developing countries in Africa, Asia, the South Pacific, Central America, or South America to work alongside physicians, physician’s assistants, nurses,  laboratory  technicians  and  other  primary  health workers. Basic clinical skills, as well as skills in cross-cultural communication, are practiced and developed. Students live in close proximity to the people of the nations where the field assignment takes place in order to understand the practical problems faced in the developing nations. Field laboratory and community health projects are assigned to each student.
Prerequisite: CNH 261
Credits: 10-12