word by heart seminar

Dates: Postponed, Not scheduled yet...

Duration: 4 Weeks

“Word By Heart Seminar” condenses the content of the 3-month Word By Heart School to a shorter period of time.

The seminar covers the following content:

  • The process of “TruthTelling”
  • Re-imagining the Word
  • Personalization of the passage at hand
  • Memorizing the exact words of Scripture
  • Retelling the Story

Come and learn to communicate the Gospel like it was done by the early disciples of Jesus. Within a hundred years after Jesus’ resurrection from the dead the Gospel spread throughout the known world. In this seminar you will learn to be a storyteller, telling the stories of the Bible in the Words of the Bible. Teaching will be in English, but you will be learning the stories from Mark and Luke in your mother tongue. At the conclusion of this seminar you will be able to tell 30 minutes of the Gospel in the very words of the Bible. 

Fee Details:

Fee Details

Students/ Participants Fee Information

Fee cost for category C Nations students/Participants:

1 Month Course: Rs. 5310 (Inclusive GST)

3 Months course: Rs. 15,930 (Inclusive GST)

6 Months course: Rs. 31,860 (Inclusive GST)

9 Months course: Rs. 47,790 (Inclusive GST)

Fee cost for Category B Nations students/participants: 

Roughly around USD $ 250/month. 

Please contact us to know exact amount in Indian Rupees.

Fee cost for Category A Nations students/participants:

Roughly around USD $ 416/month. 

Please contact us to know exact amount in Indian Rupees.

Food, Accommodation, Tuition and other misc. expences are included in the fees

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Fee Return-Refund Policy:

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