Our Values

This is what makes us unique

UofN Lonavala Values

Our vision is the DNA that keeps us alive. It also gives us focus and direction and ensures those who join us know what we are working towards.

  •  Accountability

We are committed to walk in humility and transparency before others, being responsible to give account for our finances and records. We do this by seeking through relationships to provide checks and balances to ensure that our ministry is above reproach. We also encourage our workers to be open to instruction and input for their personal lives.

  • Commitment

Our aim is to recruit, train and challenge long terms workers dedicated to the U of N’s vision and mission, as a part of completing the Great Commission in South and Central Asia.

  • Excellence

We strive for excellence in providing the best learning environment possible, as this will develop each student to their highest potential, while also meeting the needs and priorities of our partners on the field. In education, this includes quality of curriculum, speakers, relevance to needs, resources, content, etc. In operations, this includes quality of dormitories, classrooms, food, grounds, hospitality, etc. In administration, this includes quality of record keeping, phones, registration, mail, accounts, office administration etc.

  • Integrity

We are to live holy and righteous lives, allowing God to transform our heart attitude toward people and possessions. We will be honest in our words, conduct, business dealings and relationships; recognizing that this is holy and acceptable to God.

  • Servant-hood

We are committed to serving future and existing ministries in South and Central Asia in fulfilling their part of Great Commission by supplying them with trained and godly workers. In the same manner, we are committed to serving our students in equipping and training them to reach God's potential for their lives. We affirm the value, dignity, and requirement of every role in the kingdom, and seek to appreciate and expect the contribution of each individual. No roles or ministries are more important or spiritual and we urge our leaders to follow Jesus’ example in serving those whom they lead.

  • Spirituality

In all things, we desire to keep Jesus Christ central to our lives and ministries. We recognize the Bible to be God’s inspired and authoritative Word, and rely upon the Holy Scriptures as our standard. We emphasize the importance of praise and worship, intercessory prayer and obedience to the Holy Spirit and the Word of God in our corporate and individual lives and ministries.