School of Transformational Business

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School of Transformational Business

Start Date 

      19 February 2024         



Prerequisite: DSP 211 & 212  (A successfully completed Discipleship Training School)

What is the School of Transformational Business?

This is a twelve week course, offered through the University of the Nations, that will include twelve weeks of lecture and training followed by eight weeks of practical field work (optional) with businesses on the ground.

The School of Transformational Business (SOTB) teaches one to start and run a Godly, profitable business with the purpose of bringing God’s Kingdom to earth. SOTB is designed for those who have a passion for knowing God and making Him known.

This school will offer teaching from experienced business owners who have been involved in Business As Missions or have extensive experience in business.

The school will cover topics such as:

  • Innovation and creating with God
  • Overall picture of the greatest Global challenge, the Great Commission,  and how business fits
  • Steps of Entrepreneurship
  • How to seize an opportunity
  • Risk-taking and walking in faith
  • Looking at individual gifts and their relation to business
  • Leadership in business i.e. motivating staff
  • Goal Setting
  • Integrity in Business
  • Business in Asia and internationally
  • Knowing your customer
  • Budgeting

Lecture Phase

This will involve the first three month portion of the school.  It will consist of numerous speakers from different Business As Mission (BAM) businesses in Asia, Christians engaged in business in Asia, and other business leaders who are passionate about extending righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

The lecture phase will consist of:


Outreach Phase

This will include traveling to see some different models, joining a specific BAM model for at least a month, and more.